Single Father & Twins

Rami is a professional photographer who met his wife six years ago at a wedding. It was love at first sight and many of their friends described their love story as a “romantic movie.” It didn’t take long for the young couple to become parents to two wonderful twins, a boy and a girl.

Unfortunately, soon after she was born, the twin girl was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a motor disability disorder that affects a person’s ability to move, balance, and maintain posture. This was a very difficult situation for the couple to cope with. “Having twins is hard and challenging, but now we have twins and a medical situation which requires constant intervention and care,” says Rami. A year later, Rami’s wife decided she was unable to cope with the situation and left him with the two children. Since then, Rami has needed to stay at home and care for his little girl and boy, who are now five years old.

“I depend on wedding photography for a living; before COVID-19, I had occasional work, and along with the governmental aid for my little girl, I had enough income to put some food on the table and help pay for her treatment,” Rami explains. Like many others, Rami was left struggling with living expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past 18 months, the number of events he photographed could be counted on one hand, and the only income came from the governmental aid, which was just enough for his little girl’s treatment.

Now that people are allowed to gather and more weddings are taking place, Rami is able to breathe a bit easier. “I have a good neighbour who comes to babysit my children while I go to an event,” Rami adds, “it’s not easy to find a babysitter willing to care for my sweet daughter, I understand it’s a big responsibility. Still, even with a few events each month, it is very difficult.”

Rami came to House of Grace after becoming desperate and unable to afford food for his two children. Rami received private counseling, a food kit, and clothes. “I could talk about it,” Rami concludes, “thank you for your support.”

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