Jamal’s story

I grew up in an exceptionally large family. People came and went often. Uncles babysat Thomas, Bernard, and myself on a regular basis. I played in the courtyard with older cousins. There was never a dull moment, and I was never lacking someone to interact with. I didn’t have the slightest idea that these “relatives” were ex-convicts, recovering addicts, and runaways. As a result, what most would call a very “abnormal” upbringing, I would call “normal.”

In fact, growing up this way, being showered in living examples of grace, has altered how I see our world and my role in it. Everywhere we look we can find broken people. These individuals are often the most abandoned, most hated, and most neglected members of society. In reality, it is far easier to ignore their plight and continue on in comfortable bliss. My father saw this plight of the most destitute and confronted it head-on with a powerful weapon: grace.

My father left this world, but this grace lives on. It lives in the hearts of my mother and brothers. It lives in the hearts of our social workers. It lives in the hearts of the women who work in our clothes shop. It lives on in the hearts of our volunteers. It lives on in my heart. And, it lives on in each of your hearts.

I truly mean that. The House of Grace doesn’t need donors—it needs partners. It needs people who are willing to sacrifice for the “least of these,” in order to offer new chances where hope has been lost, to give love to the “unlovable,” and to offer grace where judgment has prevailed. We know that living this out costs much: in time, money, and spiritual investment.

We would not have made it this far without you, and therefore I wish to thank you for your invaluable partnership. You are House of Grace as much as anyone who works here daily. Furthermore, we will continue our work as long as there is a need—and it is looking like the needs aren’t going anywhere. This world is still broken, and House of Grace is facing new struggles as we strive to continue our striving to serve the “least of these.” We look forward to our future labors with you and hope and pray that you will continue to support this grace with your voice, prayers, and gifts.

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