The first time I truly grasped the significance of the House of Grace was during my father’s funeral. The ceremony drew thousands from diverse religious backgrounds spanning various age groups. Both the turnout and the vast spectrum of attendees made it evident that my father profoundly influenced the entire community. Amidst the crowd, the pervasive expressions of grief were palpable, mourning the loss of a man who had touched so many lives. The overwhelming sorrow in the air weighed heavily on me, making it one of the most challenging days of my life. After the ceremony, as I rode the bus home sunk deep in my seat, avoiding the gaze of fellow passengers, I struggled to hold back tears. But as I overheard people recounting fond memories and tales of my father, a realization dawned upon me about the lasting impact he had left behind. The ambient despair began to lift, replaced by an undercurrent of hope and pride. It was then that I truly fathomed the gravity of my father’s mission. Even though I was only 18, it became clear that it was incumbent upon me to carry forward his legacy. This epiphany imbued me with the drive to perpetuate the mission of the House of Grace.

As I matured and accumulated more experience, I was better positioned to translate these feelings into tangible actions. My tenure at the House of Grace has had its fair share of trials and tribulations, but our determination and resilience have seen us through, fortifying us against future challenges. Reflecting upon our recent trajectory, while we have faced setbacks, our team remains indefatigable. The recent budgetary constraints, though daunting, are surmountable. We recognize the immense reliance placed upon us and are committed to innovating and adapting. Our resolve remains unwavering, even in the face of political obstacles, as we continue to support prisoners, families, and those in need.

This year for the House of Grace has been a juxtaposition of triumphs and trials. The team’s dedication to addressing the requirements of our primary beneficiaries, while also catering to individual and familial needs, remains our cornerstone. For the year ahead, our ambition is to amplify our mission while honing the expertise of our staff to better cater to our clientele. Our endeavors aim to facilitate individuals’ seamless reintegration into society, empower them to reassume familial roles, and equip them to navigate the ever-evolving societal landscape. Recently, right before Christmas, persistent efforts enabled us to bring forth the looming threat of shuttering the halfway house to the Knesset’s attention. Their deliberation culminated in negating this threat, allowing us to establish a long-term agreement with the rehabilitation committee, ensuring sustained funding for our rehabilitation program.

In closing, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support, engagement, and prayers.