Iman‘s Story

We hear many stories at the House of Grace. Each one possesses a unique power, and we begged Iman to share hers. She is an unassuming middle-aged woman who only spent a few years in school. Physically, she is small in stature. But, Iman is great in faith: a faith that influences her life mightily and is tangibly lived out in her words and actions.

She was married at a young age and gave birth to two boys and one girl. Finances were tight for their family, and these pressures were compounded by her husband’s distaste for work. She learned of House of Grace and our at-risk family services and came to ask for help. We shared what limited resources we could, and also counseled her through her difficult home situation. Then came a day that changed everything.

Her daughter, only five years of age at the time, was hit by a car and killed instantly. The loss undid her husband. Unable to cope, he abandoned the family and left Iman alone with her two sons and immense grief. The path that lay before her was one of incredible difficulty, but she knew she would have to walk it for the sake of her two remaining children.

Prayers became a source of strength, peace, and rest from her struggles. Iman begged God to bring her husband home, and she clung to this hope despite her family’s wishes for her to divorce him. She found a home at the House of Grace and visited us often. We did all we could to offer counsel, comfort, and support. Her sons joined the activities we offer for at-risk children, and Iman partook in our workshops.

Years passed. Iman prayed and persevered. One day, her husband returned, and she welcomed him home with open arms, without questions or conditions. She says, “My husband is a good man. He veered off course, but realized his mistake and came back. Can I refuse him? He is my husband, and God blessed our union. Who am I to cancel it?”

Since then, she has given birth to another son and daughter. She sees these blessings, as well as the return of her husband, as proofs of the love and care of God. The heart-wrenching death of her daughter helped her realize that worldly concerns are fleeting and ultimately inconsequential. “I am not able to buy heaven with all the money in the world. I will only arrive at those shores by the grace of God and my deeds.” Her faith has strengthened our faith, and we are immeasurably thankful to have shared in this beautiful story of love, loss, grace, and redemption.

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