At the House of Grace, we are privy to countless narratives. Each carries its distinct resonance, and we were eager for Iman to narrate her tale. Iman, an inconspicuous middle-aged lady, had a brief educational stint. Though petite in stature, her faith is colossal, profoundly shaping her life and manifesting distinctly in her demeanor and deeds.

Married young, she welcomed two sons and a daughter into their fold. Financial constraints gnawed at their household, exacerbated by her husband’s aversion to employment. Upon hearing about the House of Grace and the support we extend to at-risk families, she sought our assistance. We extended whatever aid we could muster and guided her through the intricate maze of her domestic challenges. Then, a tragic day upended their world.

A car accident claimed her daughter, who was but five. This loss unhinged her husband, and overwhelmed with grief, he deserted Iman and their two sons. A daunting path lay ahead, yet for her sons’ sake, she was resolved to traverse it.

Prayers became her anchor, infusing her with tranquility and fortitude. Despite her kin advising separation, she fervently implored God for her husband’s return, holding onto hope. House of Grace became her sanctuary, a place she frequented. Our team strived to provide solace, counsel, and support. Her sons availed of the activities designed for at-risk children, and Iman immersed herself in our workshops.

As time ebbed, Iman’s prayers and tenacity endured. One day, her estranged husband reappeared. Without reservations, she embraced him back into their lives. Reflecting on this, she muses, “My husband, inherently good, had strayed. But acknowledging his transgressions, he returned. How can I rebuff him? He’s my spouse, blessed by divine decree. It’s not my place to nullify that.”

Subsequently, she was blessed with another son and daughter. She perceives these blessings and her husband’s homecoming as testaments of God’s love and benevolence. Her daughter’s heartrending demise underscored the transitory nature of earthly concerns. “All the wealth in the world can’t procure paradise. Only God’s grace and my actions will guide me there.” Her unwavering faith has invigorated our own, and we’re profoundly grateful to have partaken in this poignant tale of love, despair, grace, and redemption.