Elias’ Story

Elias comes from a family with a low socioeconomic status. His parents struggle to put food on the table, and the general atmosphere at home is very stressful, especially due to Elias’ dad. At school, the situation for Elias is even more complicated. Wearing old clothes, his tired face, and low self-esteem lead to mockery and severe bullying. The 16-year-old teenager suffers from severe frustration and loneliness. Elias tries to protect himself by isolating from the group at school and beyond, which leads to temper and behavioural issues.

One of Elias’s classmates realised the level of distress Elias is suffering. He had been in that place before and knew that Elias needs help. Elias’ classmate tried very hard to convince Elias to join the basketball team at the House of Grace, the same team that helped him overcome his own challenges.

“I was afraid to come to the House of Grace and meet new people. Boys never picked me for their team,” said Elias, “but I was surprised that other boys asked me to join their team, and Mr. Bisharas’ (project coordinator) welcome made me feel as if we were friends,” he continued.

Like all the boys and girls who arrive at the Youth Center at House of Grace, Elias received personal consultation from our social worker. The true social and academic situation of Elias was revealed, and unfortunately, it was more complicated than initially thought. It seems that even the school’s professional staff did not fully realise the situation Elias has been living in for the past several years and his suffering.

House of Grace, in coordination with the professional school staff and social welfare, has built a professional intervention program to nurture Elias’ development on personal, social, and academic levels.

Elias has been part of House of Grace’s program for the past 18 months. Soon he will graduate from school and from our center as a motivated young individual with a dream, “I want to become a basketball coach. Sports and team playing changed me, and it’s what I want to do in my adult life.”

At House of Grace, we hope that we will be able to help Elias. We know that he will have to work very hard to achieve his dream. Hence, we are looking for sponsors to help Elias with his professional training admission and hope he will grow personally and professionally, creating positive change in the lives of others.

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