In June 2023, we marked an exceptional time of unity and celebration at House of Grace, as we observed the Muslim holiday of Al-Adha, also known as the Feast of Sacrifice. This momentous occasion is one of two major Muslim holidays recognized worldwide and traditionally associated with family gatherings, acts of charity, and community solidarity.

With our diverse family of 16 Muslim resident rehabilitees and our dedicated staff, we joyously commemorated this event in a unique, yet traditional manner. The heart of our celebrations was a festive feast, meticulously prepared and shared in the spirit of togetherness. The dining hall was filled with the warmth of laughter and lively discussions, creating a family-like atmosphere that resonated deeply with everyone present.

These shared experiences, enveloped in the joy and camaraderie of the occasion, serve not only as an opportunity for cultural expression but also as a powerful tool for fostering community and nurturing emotional healing. It was a joyous occasion that evoked feelings of acceptance, belonging, and familial bonds, further strengthening the supportive environment that House of Grace strives to provide.

Following the celebrations, the rehabilitees were granted a four-day holiday permit to visit their respective families. This much-anticipated family reunion served as a valuable opportunity for them to reconnect with their loved ones, recharge their spirits, and return with renewed commitment to their rehabilitation journey.

Amidst these memorable events, we are proud to share the successful graduation of one of our rehabilitees in the same month, marking another milestone in our rehabilitation journey. In tandem, we also warmly welcomed a new resident, who has embarked on his transformative journey at House of Grace. These developments encapsulate the essence of our mission: to guide, support, and empower individuals towards a hopeful future, transforming lives, one resident at a time.