Youth Club and Youth Counselling – Hope for Generations

The Youth Club program was initiated in 2005 and targets children from low socio-economic backgrounds, who lack the conditions, the proper framework, and the opportunities to develop on a personal, intellectual and social level. Youth, who participate in the project and visit the youth club, come from families, who receive aid and counselling by Social Workers of the House of Grace. The project coordinator is in direct contact and cooperates with their schools. In an assessment the respective needs have been continually evaluated with the families, schools and the children themselves. The program includes activities such as sport, workshops to foster personal growth as well as parent-child workshops. The Youth club is funded by donations.

Project updates


All my life, I’ve known of the House of Grace as an organization that embraces everyone wholeheartedly. Its ideals, dedication, and values have always inspired me, driving my desire to

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A Dream Come True

At the age of six, Elijah moved to Haifa from his hometown Acre with his family for a fresh start. There, with the support of his family, he followed his

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