Counseling for Families in Need

Since 2001 House of Grace pursues a holistic approach towards families from difficult socioeconomic situations and helps them to get out of the vicious cycle that is poverty. The project for families in need has two main focuses: Basic care as well as Counselling and Advisory for families and individuals. The basic support of families with everyday things such as medicine, groceries and clothes is backed by donations in kind. Additionally, the House of Grace provides emergency financial aid, when, families are at risk of being left without electricity or water due to unpaid bills.

Project updates

Single Father & Twins

Rami is a professional photographer who met his wife six years ago at a wedding. It was love at first sight and many of their friends described their love story

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I began working at the House of Grace five years ago. The purpose of my initial project was to improve circumstances for families. I helped over 400 families by fundraising,

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House of Grace offers small scholarships and stipends for students, as education is key for eliminating poverty. Counselling and Consultation is given to increase the target group’s awareness of their rights and the ways to achieve them. Our trained social workers keep in contact with the families and provide the necessary support and counselling. Our intention is to empower and strengthen each family to encourage a change in the community as a whole. The Family Counselling Program is funded by donations.