After 35 years I still believe that House of Grace is a miracle


It started with a man, a heart on fire, a vision and 2000 $.

From the very beginning there were many obstacles to overcome, first the idea itself and then the rejection of our friends and the society, the fear of the church, the suspicion of the state and the lack of means.

It was difficult to get the permissions and licenses for the renovation. We were always short of money. Countless times, we were discouraged and wanted to give up. But every time somebody came and to embolden us and so we went on. During the years there were many up’s and down’s, but always doors opened and we could continue with our call. Many a times we had an idea, but not the capital or the professionals to execute our wish. Often after a short while somebody offered us to do the program on voluntary base or for little money. Sometimes we had to let go the idea, but after many years we could proceed.

It is like somebody listened behind the doors and heard what we were thinking, hoping and wishing and after a while things were arranged and happened.  I believe in God’s providence because for 35 years, he proved and showed us how it works through people, friends and happenings. And I believe we have a special intercessor, named Kamil, who knows exactly what we need and is begging in our name for it.

It is difficult to comprehend how many times we received help just in time. That is why I think House of Grace is a miracle.